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Service Menu

We offer service programs in regard to customer support and maintenance.

In addition to the Remote Support Service, package service of frequent Machine inspection and cleaning, package program of optics maintenance are also available.

Remote Support Services

Customers' exposure equipment is connected to our CS support center via the Internet. Monitoring working process on a touch panel and image-processing screen simultaneously on both the customer side and our side enables us to give real-time advice to our customers. (It is necessary for customers to have Internet access.)

Main support items
  1. Quick response to customers who have just installed our equipment
  2. Remote-installation in upgrading the equipment software
  3. In case of failure, precise primary diagnosis and countermeasures

Twenty-four hour customer support
  • Our CS Call Center along with every service location (in Korea, Taiwan, China, ASEAN and others) provide 24 hour continuous customer service.
  • Our call center acts as a hub, and each service location quickly responds to customers.
  • Each location has a sufficient stock of genuine parts to enable a quick response. In the case of an emergency, each location delivers required parts without delay.