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Precision Mold

Precision Mold
Packaged support from development to maintenance

We manufacture molds with our unique special machining equipment customized for high-precision processing.
We make free use of our know-how regarding single-part and mass-production processing to meet your requirements of high precision and short delivery time for any manufacturing, from one prototype to large quantities exceeding 100 units.
Our complete line of measurement and evaluation instruments allows us to achieve quality assurance system covering sub-micron level precision.

High-speed precision machining

Three-dimensional machining equipment capable of high-speed (MAX 60,000rpm, 9m/min) and precision (±3μm) machining combined with our mirror finish machining technology enable us to mass produce mirror finish molds using "Hardened steel: HRC53," requiring no polishing.

Precision mirror finish machining

We are capable of mirror finish machining for NAK material with HRC of 35-40 and hardened steel with HRC of 53 or more (mirror finished surface roughness of about Rmax 0.2μm), and machining of flat finished surfaces free from over-polishing around edges.

High-precision deep hole machining

We are capable of high-precision deep hole machining with the aspect ratio (length/diameter) of 15-30.

Straight-shape pipe mold Data of inner diameter measurement
Straight-shape pipe mold image

Example) Pipe mold
Inner diameter: φ12
Length: 300mm
Out-of-roundness: 3μm
Straightness: 4.5μm/300mm
Surface roughness: Rmax no more than 0.4

Data of inner diameter measurement image

We can manufacture with the same precision various types of pipe molds ranging from small diameters to large diameters (minimum φ8.5mm up) as well as crown-shape molds whose diameter is lager at the center than at the edges.

Crown-shape pipe mold Data of inner diameter measurement
Crown-shape pipe mold image Data of inner diameter measurement image
For inquiries about precision molds, please contact below:

TEL +81-3-6369-9805   Weekdays 9:00 - 17:40 FAX +81-3-6369-9803
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