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Message from
Our Experts

Message from Our Experts

Quality & Engineering Dept. Quality Division
Entering Company APR. 1,2005 Josai International University Faculty of Humanities
How would you explain to your family what your section does?

My section has one of the most important responsibilities, which is to carry out final inspection on performance of our products for quality assurance.

How would you describe the corporate culture of ADTEC Engineering in one word?

I would say it is just like a 'Family', as the average age of employees is comparatively young, and the company fosters an atmosphere of openness and free conversations with each other without worrying about position difference.

Could you tell us any episode of your challenges since you joined ADTEC Engineering?

Although I have not had any serious problem in working, I remember I felt culture shock caused by differences in customs between China and Japan. For instance, at the very beginning of my living in Japan, I was shocked by splitting the bill at a drinking party. - There is no such custom like that in China.

What do you take the greatest care of when you produce or sell our products?

I always try to primarily think of products from customer's point of view with imagining what kind of product would make me happy if I were a customer.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

I would like to be a dependable engineer by developing my own technical skills, so that customers can purchase our products with confidence.

What would you say to anyone thinking of joining ADTEC Engineering?

When I started working in ADTEC Engineering, I was unsure whether I could operate such large machinery, however, acquiring new skills and becoming more experienced, my uneasiness gradually disappeared. To improve your own skills, it is necessary to have high goals and challenge actively without being afraid of failure. Another important factor on working is communication. We welcome you and look forward to working together!!