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We will release the industry's fastest DI for HDI


July 31, 2020
ADTEC Engineering Co., Ltd.

Launched INPREX"IP-15 UHT, the industry's fastest*¹ over 400 sides per hour, and a unique
twin stage table developed by our company for HDIs, designed to Direct Imaging Exposure System.
~ Exposure system for L/S=15/15μm circuits for high-end smartphone mainboards~

【IP-15 UHT Appearance image】

Adtec Engineering Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Tokyo, President: Osamu Mizuno) will successively launch INPREX IP-15 UHT, the industry-fastest direct imaging automatic exposure system for manufacturers of high-end smartphones and other printed circuit boards, in August 2020.

By adopting the twin stage and realizing the pipeline parallel processing*² developed in-house, it is possible to constantly create an exposure state, and the exposure processing efficiency has been improved, and the productivity has been greatly improved by up to 1.7 times over the conventional models.
In-line equipment for mass production, we will work together with PCB manufacturers to improve productivity challenges.

≪Main specifications≫

Model IP-15 UHT
L/S 15/15 μm
Productivity 9.0 sec (400Pnl/h)
Light Source Wavelength 405nm(h Line)
Maximum Size W554×D640mm
21.8 x 25.2 inch
*1:June 2020 Company survey
*2:Patent pending

■For further information, please contact
ADTEC Engineering Co., Ltd.
Exposure Systems Business Division Sales Dept.

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